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August 2017 Issue

CIOMA Supports Fuel Relief Fund in Areas Devastated by Natural Disasters

October 24, 2016 •

The California Independent Oil Marketers Association (CIOMA) announced they are the first state association to join Fuel Relief Fund’s membership.

Fuel Relief Fund (FRF), a 501c3 non-profit based in the United States and the Netherlands, has a 10-year track record of deploying and successfully solving the emergency fuel needs in major disasters across the globe. FRF is comprised of teams of highly trained and specialized volunteers within the fuel industry and related sectors. They respond to disasters around the world, utilizing specific expertise and fuel distribution resources to provide temporary fuel availability to disaster-stricken areas.

“CIOMA’s members are honored to support Fuel Relief Fund. When disaster strikes across our country, CIOMA members are already engrained in every local community and will be the first to act to help our police officers, firefighters and rescue teams in their missions to save lives,” said Ryan Hanretty, Executive Director for CIOMA. “Further, CIOMA companies are the backbone that stabilizes back-up power supplies for electricity to keep hospitals healing the injured, and the government’s relief team working around the clock to help rebuild the community. CIOMA members understand how valuable their services and skills are in times of devastation, and that is precisely what the Fuel Relief Fund does and why it is so important.”

Immediately following any major natural disaster, such as Hurricane Matthew’s landfall in Haiti, fuel is needed within the first minutes of a disaster to allow for first responders and aid agencies to perform their critical life-saving functions in the midst of the chaos. Just like water, shelter and food, fuel is one of the primary resources needed to ensure aid relief is delivered to the people most in need. This includes emergency medical, shelter, food, clean water, as well as to heat camps and cook food. Fuel is needed during all phases of a disaster, and Fuel Relief Fund exists to fill the crucial gap in the first phases of a disaster, saving lives and alleviating suffering.

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